A Oficina
A Oficina
Centro Cultural Vila Flor
Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães
1. Casa da Memória de Guimarães
Centro de Criação de Candoso
Teatro Oficina
Educação e Mediação Cultural
2. Loja Oficina


Espaço Oficina


Encontros de Dramaturgia

Com Patrícia Portela

12+ years old

"Dramaturgical Encounters" is a platform for encounters between playwrights, writers and curious people that encompasses two editions, the first guided by Patrícia Portela and the second by Rui Pina Coelho. Each author brings to the "Dramaturgical Encounters" a work of his or her own in the making to share with other interested parties (also authors and/or readers) who participated in the selection process, via an Open Call. The authors invited by the Teatro Oficina offer a shared creation process, between sessions of commented readings, creative writing, and some theoretical framework that underlies the stylistic and aesthetic options of the text under construction. These participatory readings are sessions that are open to all audiences, with the recital of texts that have accompanied and shaped the new literary works for theatre by Portela and Pina Coelho.

Próxima sessões

17 outubro, com Rui Pina Coelho

24 outubro, com Patrícia Portela

7 novembro, com Patrícia Portela

21 novembro, com Rui Pina Coelho

12 dezembro, com Rui Pina Coelho

Free entrance, up to the limit of the capacity of the room. Tickets at the venue from 8:30 pm, before the start of the activity.

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