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A Oficina
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Grande Auditório Francisca Abreu (Palco)


Jacopo Jenna (IT)

Some Choreographies

6+ years old


“Some Choreographies” is a dialogue between the dancer Ramona Caia and a series of projected videos of different dance styles and sequences of movements. The choreography unfolds in a mimetic process of a multiplicity of elements taken from the history of dance and performance, as told by the cinema and the internet. Ramona Caia embodies, transforms, connects and shapes the body portrayed in these images, analyses its dynamics, freedom and linguistic immediacy, and extracts it from the imagination through the implementation of a precise choreography. In the second half of the performance, an original video by artist Roberto Fassone shows a sequence of visual choreographies, a symbolic landscape without any human traces that seeks to create a relationship with the body on stage, leading us to reflect on the intangible material from which dance is made.

Artists presented in the framework of Aerowaves, co-funded by the European Union.

2023.02.04 GD23 Jacopo Jenna Some Choreographies

Conceito, direção e videocoreografia Jacopo Jenna

Colaboração e interpretação Ramona Caia

Colaboração e vídeo Roberto Fassone

Som original Francesco Casciaro

Desenho de luz Mattia Bagnoli

Figurinos Eva di Franco

Organização Luisa Zuffo

Produção KLm – Kinkaleri

Coprodução Centrale Fies

Apoio Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, Mattatoio | Progetto PrendersiCura

Projeto selecionado para AEROWAVES Twenty22

Fotografia ©Jacopo Jenna

Duração 40 min.

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