A Oficina
A Oficina
Centro Cultural Vila Flor
Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães
1. Casa da Memória de Guimarães
Centro de Criação de Candoso
Teatro Oficina
Educação e Mediação Cultural
2. Loja Oficina




Sonhos de Bolso

Sunday at the House of Memory
Workshops / Visits

6+ years old

Workshop oriented by Teresa Arêde

We draw dreams: what we dreamed of yesterday and what we are dreaming about for the future. These drawings are handkerchiefs made of fabric, which we can fold and always keep close to us. These are pocket dreams! Travelling through the textile tradition and embroidery of Guimarães, we will print fabrics in a mixture of colours and other unexpected effects.

Duration c. 90 min.

Limited registrations

Prior registration is needed via email mediacaocultural@aoficina.pt. For more information dial +351 253 424 716

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