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A Oficina
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Five Lesbian Brothers / Maria Inês Marques

For ages 12 and up


"Secretárias" (Secretaries) is an immersive theater show designed for small and claustrophobic spaces, based on "The Secretaries," one of the four scripts written by the American feminist collective The Five Lesbian Brothers. Premiered in 1993 at the legendary WOW Café (an anarchic and iconic space in the experimental performative culture of New York), "The Secretaries" was a groundbreaking work in American theater in the 1990s. It presents as a strange, satirical-terrifying object that offers a rigorous, complex, and uncomfortable study on the insidious infiltration of patriarchy in the professional, political, and interpersonal realms of women's lives.

The open rehearsal is presented as part of the 'Criação Crítica' Program, from February 9th to 14th, includes dramaturgical accompaniment by Mickael de Oliveira.

Free entry, subject to availability of seating

Translation and direction by Maria Inês Marques

Scenography and costumes by Pedro Azevedo

Sound design and music by Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins

Lighting design by Teresa Antunes

Video by Fábio Coelho

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