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A Oficina
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Palácio Vila Flor


Non-Orientable Surfaces

Diogo Martins, Igor Gonçalves, João Melo e Mariana Maia Rocha

All ages

"Non-Orientable Surfaces" is an exhibition that brings together artists Diogo Martins, Igor Gonçalves, João Melo, and Mariana Maia Rocha, presenting an immersive and labyrinthine journey through painting, drawing, sculpture, and media art.

In a non-orientable surface, the concepts of right, left, up, down, inside, and outside cannot be consistently defined. This surface, despite its disguise as three-dimensional, has only one side, possesses neither interior nor exterior, and has no beginning or end; this reality contains an irreconcilable contradiction. Boundaries are imploded in an unpredictable topographic challenge to our understanding. The Möbius Strip is a classic example of a surface with these characteristics that evokes the representation of infinity or the alchemical serpent biting its own tail. The exhibition follows the malleable architecture of this strip, elusive and counterintuitive, relying on artifice to disarm and blaze trails, to chain actions, ideas, sensations, and memories. It is occupied by intangible and mysterious forces. Crush a cockroach, and a hundred cockroaches are born.

Price 2.00 EUR / 1.00 EUR w/d

Co-production Guimarães Project Room and A Oficina/CCVF



Tuesday to Friday

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Exhibition open until April 28

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