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Moinhos do Pigeiro


Um Canto pelo Pão

Madalena Gonçalves e Luís de Almeida com grupo de trabalho da comunidade

All ages

Madalena Gonçalves e Luís de Almeida

As part of REMOINHO - a project of community gathering and celebration, this singing group was formed to pay tribute to the food heritage around mills and traditional bread. Here, the voice is invited to enhance and illustrate the bread cycle, its current meanings, and the concerns that arise from it. It will culminate in a final presentation to the community, in this beautiful mill restored by the Parish Council of Souto Santa Maria, Souto São Salvador, and Gondomar, in the former location of Pigeiro.

What does bread sound like? Technical words, symbols, utensils, and rituals will be explored, enhancing musical creation in an ode to traditional singing and its roots in nature's manifestations. And, who knows, make us imagine what bread will be like in the future.

This group sharing was co-constructed based on the exploration of the voice and will reflect not only the characteristics of the biographies of the group members but also stir, through words, environmental and food concerns in a reality that has been losing centrality. From how we cultivate, the lack of old seeds, to the way we grind the flour to baking, the entire process is in flux, and each event prompts a sonic journey, a cry of certainty - we want to continue to have good bread to eat and a piece of land to cultivate!

A que soa o pão? Serão exploradas palavras técnicas, símbolos, utensílios e rituais, que potenciam a criação musical numa ode ao canto tradicional e às suas raízes nas manifestações da natureza. E, quem sabe, fazer-nos imaginar como será o pão no futuro.

Ponto de encontro: Junta de Freguesia de Souto Santa Maria, perto do moinho

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Free entry, until the available seating capacity is reached

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