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A Oficina
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Voltas ao Pão – Assim se amassa, assim se peneira, assim se dá voltas ao pão na masseira

Manuela Ferreira

All ages

Embedded in REMOINHO - a project of community gathering and celebration, this movement aims to establish a small temporary group to explore the senses, objects, and people in the territory. We will experiment with the body, language, space, and objects, exploring the cycles that describe the bread-making process. In the encounter between the elements of the scene and ancestral knowledge, we aim to reveal the gestures, stories, and landscapes, investigating the performative power of memory.

The performance is intended to forge paths through the body and the delineation of more or less distinct contours of our memory and legacy existing in the history of bread preparation. It will culminate in two performances: one at Casa da Memória and the last one in the community, in a space of active experience - an abandoned mill in Santo Estevão de Briteiros, behind the Casa da Cultura Castreja. The exploration of senses, objects, and people in a territory rich in memories of mills and breadmaking.

The performance and bodily expression will pave the way for new contours of that legacy, evoking gestures and habits that have been reproduced and that, here, can be reinterpreted from different perspectives to experience and honor throughout spaces, through the collective body of the group itself.

Free entry, until the available seating capacity is reached.

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